“When you know what you are doing, you can not have an interception”: Sports Memories.

Photo By: Kiefer Chaim. The Seahawks defeat 20-6 to San Luis Rams in Century Link Field, in Seattle.

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By: Héctor Briseño.
México. (27/07/2015).

“When you know what you are doing, you can not have an interception”, answered Johnny Unitas to sports journalists minutes after win the final game of the 1958 National championship Football to New York Giants, in Yankee stadium, dressed with the Indianapolis Colts colors, in a cold and hard game.

The decisive play of this battle, is very similar to the last call what finished with the game and the victory for the New England Patriots in 2015.

Images and memories about the last Super Bowl played in February 2015 between the Pats and Seattle Seahawks, still stay in the mind of thousand fans in the sport world, especially in the Seattle couch Pete Carrol.

That call what finally was intercepted by defensive Malcolm Butler, in the pass threw by quarterback Rusell Wilson on yard one, was the only pass intercepted in a similar situation in the season. The reality is painful by the Seahawks fans, and should represent a big learning by Wilson.

The writer Phil Pepe, in his book Winners never quit, printed in 1970 by Prentice-Hall and Editorial Diana in spanish, relate the silence of the stadium induced by John Constantine Unitas in the 1958 final game.

With one yard between the score line and the goal line, in third and one, Johnny Unitas, the young rejected by Notre Dame and the Steelers Pittsburg years before, connected with Alan Ameche in a pass sent by inside right tackle.

Before, Unitas made a similar play to right side in second down and seven connecting with Jim Musteller.

The answer oh Unitas to journalists maybe was petulant, but, how Johnny Unitas could explain his games in semiprofessionals fields?

How could explain Unitas to journalists his hardly work in building industry while arrived his opportunity?.

Rusell Wilson and the Seahawks must reply these questions the next season in the field. And something important, say goodbye to the failure and keep the way to the victory.

“Los triunfadores no se rinden”.
Pepe, Phil. Editorial Diana. 1970. México D.F.


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